Increased potency in men after 60 years with no consequences

Problems of erectile function at a later age are common. In old age, the production of a hormone like testosterone is halved, and in some people, its content is less than 30% of the normal amount. Restoring its effectiveness after 60 years is a very difficult process. We have to resort to a variety of treatments. However, despite the complexity of therapy, it is possible to return to male strength even at the age of 70, as this requires strict adherence to the therapeutic rules prescribed by the doctor.

Characteristics of the functioning of the reproductive system of a 60 year old man

ways to increase potency in men after age 60

At the age of 60, sexual neglect should not be considered common. In old age, the relationships between couples change a lot. Attraction becomes stronger when there is time with the couple.

By the age of 60, your sex life becomes quieter and must be regular. However, to have a sexual desire, you need to monitor the body.

By the age of 60, the testicles significantly reduce the production of male sex hormone testosterone. Testosterone plays an important role in the human body. Especially its deficiency begins to bother at the age of 40, when the body is unable to function as actively as before.

Despite low sexual activity due to testosterone levels, the libido of the opposite sex remains similar.

It should be noted that as we move into older age groups, the termination of erectile function is a natural process. After turning 65, each year can be the last time to have sex. But, the period of male power decline may be postponed indefinitely.

When you have the first symptom, you should make a lifestyle change: change the environment, spend more time in the fresh air.

Reasons for weak effect

Factors contributing to the premature loss of men include:

  1. Addiction to tobacco products. Tobacco has a very strong effect on the human blood vessel system. This is especially true for the lower extremities, where the blood flow must flow with a large volume. Tobacco products constrict blood vessels, prevent good permeability of the vessel wall. In addition, smoking is one of the factors that develop atherosclerosis, thereby altering the blood vessel system more, creating a premise for the formation of blood clots.
  2. Drinking alcohol regularly.Men who drink alcohol are more prone to impotence than those who avoid excessive drinking. This is especially true for beer lovers. When drunk, it increases the amount of female hormones in the human body. The imbalance between female and male hormones not only changes the appearance, but also affects processes within the body. Among the internal processes - lack of testosterone in the testicles, leads to a decrease in sexual activity.
  3. Using drugs. All drugs, both mild and strong, fall into this category. Narcotic drugs affect the entire body, including the immune system and blood vessels. They impair their ability and prevent proper recovery. As a result, the structure of the systems changes and the body cannot function properly.
  4. Note!Cannabis is particularly potent in the development of impotence. Its composition has a negative effect on the production of several important hormones needed for sexual performance.

  5. Urinary system pathology.The problem with potency may not just lie with the presence or imbalance of hormones. Sometimes bladder diseases contribute to the development of potency. Any inflammatory process in the body is considered to be not the only cause of male strength problems.
  6. Less active body. Frequent sitting or being sedentary leads to decreased blood flow in the body. Since the vascular system is considered the founder of everything, including the potency, its slight changes lead to problems.
  7. Psychology. Separately, among the factors, noteworthy is the psychological problem that leads to effectiveness. Constant stress or excessive pressure on the central nervous system affects the entire body. This can happen both after a physical problem, such as a genital injury or after a psychological trauma. Psychological trauma is especially difficult to treat. Such an injury can occur, for example, due to an accidental sexual desire or due to unconscious hormonal changes.
  8. Fatigue. Special attention should be paid to the tone of the body. Constant physical and psychological stress can deplete the body. Symptoms of chronic fatigue or drowsiness appear.
  9. Complications in systemic vascular disease. As mentioned, problems with the vascular system disrupt the function of all organs, including the urinary system. Pay attention to complications after the disease. For example, following vegetative-vascular dystonia or genital disorders.
  10. A constant imbalance of nutrients in the body.At a later age, it is especially important to maintain a healthy diet. At the age of 60, the body is unable to fight harmful fats and bacteria from entering the oral cavity. Therefore, it is necessary to control the diet. Eat more foods that contain a complex of vitamins and minerals, and try to eat less foods containing trans fats and hormones.

Ways to increase

how to increase potency in adulthood

Before choosing an erectile dysfunction treatment in adulthood, you must consult a doctor.

Proper nutrition

Normal nutrition at the age of 60 is a guarantee of health. It has been found that properly selected nutrition will prolong erectile function up to 80 years.

The following foods should be included in the diet:

  1. Increase the amount of fiber;
  2. Reduces the amount of salt in the body;
  3. Eating more seafood stabilizes the nervous system;
  4. Limit your intake of cholesterol-containing foods;
  5. Add nutrients containing magnesium and calcium to your diet;
  6. Reduce the amount of alcoholic beverages, especially spirits.

Sports activities

Active sports lead to improvements in the cardiovascular system.

Among all the positive ways of time is distinguished:

  1. Pelvic area exercises.Exercise should be relaxing and not tense in the groin area. The goal of the exercise is to increase blood flow to the pelvic region.
  2. Aerobic exercise. As in the past, this exercise helps perfect blood flow into the blood vessels in the groin area. Along with blood, there are large amounts of other beneficial substances.
  3. Yoga. This type of load is not only useful physically, but also psychologically. All exercises contribute to relaxation and stimulation of the exact area that needs therapy.

Before choosing a treatment, you should consult your doctor. In some cases, load will negatively affect the state of the body and general male strength.

Normal sex life

A continuous sex life is one way to keep fit. This is especially important in the pelvic region, where the main organs responsible for hormone production are concentrated.


Increase effectiveness after 60 years of drug use

The drug is to be used only in the case of a chemical imbalance as a result of potency. For psychological problems, the use of the drug can be used only in the form of a placebo. This is because psychological problems are not related to the presence of bacteria or infection in the body, it is just a psychological barrier and is only treated by a sexologist or psychotherapist. physical.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies are often used when there are first symptoms of effect. However, it should be noted that recipes are also used for progressive diseases.

Often used as a base, bee products. Drops, decoctions and ointments are made from products.