How to know a man has horns

The girl who excites the man

It is possible to determine a partner's readiness for intimacy not only by the condition of his penis. An erection is not always visible, but it is important for a woman to be aware of what she likes. It is easy to understand that a man is aroused easily and by unusual signs that are not so direct.

Non-verbal signal

Ready or not, a man by external manifestations of behavior and bodily reactions shows his interest in an object of the opposite sex. Non-verbal messages from your partner will help you understand his condition and readiness for sex. Often the repetition of actions speaks to his desires. This "mirror" is a clear sign of passion and desire for a closer relationship.

When communicating, a man possessed by passion will try to get closer, reduce the distance to the object of desire, and this action is done automatically without even knowing it. Furthermore, he will try to touch the woman with his hands or feet, making physical contact, but this does not mean that the agitated partner will engage in offensive behavior without following the rules of the calendarthe.

The touch will be quite ordinary, gentle, not obsessive, but clearly feel the excitement that a man experiences from such contact. A woman who understands that this behavior is not random, sees the persistence and certain nerves of people.

It is also important to record the outward manifestations of a man's behavior. When he was in a good mood, he tried to straighten his shoulders, butt into the stomach, showing a clear and favorable appearance. Usually, due to excitement, the partner starts licking his lips, grabbing his chin, nose or ear with his finger, which is also typical of women.

Signs of a man's excitement, expressed in words, can be reduced to a small list of characteristics of his behavior:

  • an excited man tries to please a woman - move a chair, open a door, help bring something or serve;
  • he seeks to reduce the gap in communication;
  • in conversation, a man tries for gentle body contact;
  • a man, burning with passion for a woman, tries his best to be alone with her more often.

Man's pose

Excited man pose

The need to express sexual attraction in tacit ways was born in an age of strict rules and regulations, when attitudes towards intimacy were taboo by moral codes and standards. church. Both men and women need to prove to their partners that they are willing to act without fear of publicity and criticism. In such cases, nonverbal cues make it possible to learn about preferences and desires.

Wanting a woman and not showing her off is wrong, from an ordinary man's point of view. So, a potential partner, unconsciously or unconsciously, tries to show the desired object of his or her attention through sexual gestures and positions.

Men make most of their gestures and postures reflexively without realizing their sexual orientation towards the woman. Some of them clearly show interest, others are more hidden and read only by a girl willing to be exposed.

When a man sees an attractive woman, he involuntarily begins to emit an "alpha male". He indicates his readiness for sex with confident postures and displays the physical state of his body in a high-pitched manner. This is often seen in the following manifestations:

  • man straight back and straight shoulder;
  • try to withdraw in the stomach deeper;
  • if a man is standing, his feet are shoulder-width apart, demonstrating exceptional stability and a firm position;
  • it is important to track the position of the sock of a man's shoes, if he is interested in any attractive person, then they will be directed to this woman;
  • If a man is sitting on a chair, he will unintentionally spread his legs wide, as if showing his own genitals, ready for mating.

The involuntary postures and gestures of a man who wants to possess a woman he likes often resemble the behavior of male monkeys in mating games and moves, suggesting a common origin. of primates and humans.

Gesture of an excited man ông

The excited man began straightening his clothes and hair in hopes of attracting the attention of the woman with his appearance. Instead of an angular and heavy gait, he moves quickly, like an athlete, while correcting physical flaws, straightening his body and removing his stomach. The eyes light up, the facial skin automatically tightens, and the fat bags under the eyes disappear by themselves. All in all, passion makes a person much younger and truly desirous of a friend.

Now such a gesture is rarely used and many people have forgotten it, but even fifty years ago, thumbs placed behind the belt of pants meant a rude, ostentatious act towards a woman. women, for the purpose of demonstrating their own genitalia.

The delay in a man's gaze on the object of his desire says a lot. When he looks into a woman's eyes for a little longer than the rules of politeness dictate, it shows his excitement and willingness to make closer contact.

The position of the hands on the hips shows women the physical superiority of a man over other competitors, his strength and power, and thus his readiness to procreate.

Interestingly, women are more sensitive to male attention-grabbing expressions and quickly pick up on every trick of their partner, while a guy may not understand the empathy a girl can show. present themselves for a long time.

Physical expression

Man is interested in woman

Arousal in men is manifested not only by an erection of the penis, but also by other physiological signs that are often not so obvious.

A man who, out of passion, often tweaks the details of his clothes, loosening the knot of his tie, which literally begins to strangle him. Breathing becomes rhythmic, the tone of the voice may change lower, vision becomes cloudy, pulse quickens, blood pressure spikes. The characteristic of behavior during this period is that it is very difficult to hide attention from the outside, and even more so from the object of desire - a woman immediately grasps such signs andconsciously noted.

A man can be aroused not only by direct expressions of a woman's sexuality, but also by obsessive thoughts about intimacy. The coming wave of passion will attract a partner, and his behavior changes depending on temperament and hormonal levels. The general signs of erotic stress are the physiological indicators listed above that are symptomatically the same as the state of stress. In addition to breathing and tachycardia, there are changes in voice and pressure, increased muscle tone, dilated pupils, and increased salivation.

During an erection, a clear liquid is secreted from the penis, which does not contain sperm but is a type of lubricant that allows you to penetrate a woman's vagina without much effort. It rises along the walls of the urethra and remains on the tip of the penis in the form of a drop.

Grease comes from Cooper's glands and contains many different enzymes. This clear liquid has several functions:

  • it removes the rest of the urine in the urethra;
  • the alkaline composition of the lubricant neutralizes the acidic environment of the woman's vagina;
  • the viscosity of the lubricant allows you to prepare the urethra for the release of semen;
  • Lubricants allow you to perform friction during intercourse without hurting delicate skin.
Sex between men and women

The amount of lubricant depends on the individual characteristics of the male body and can range from a small drop to 5 ml. The main purpose of this secretion is to create a favorable environment for conception. Neutralizing the acidic atmosphere of the vagina is necessary to increase the survival rate of active sperm.

The main sign of a man's sexual arousal is an erection of the penis. Due to the increased blood supply to the penis, the cavernous bodies are filled with plasma, and the size of this organ increases significantly in length and width.

The change in the size of the penis in an erect state compared to normal depends on the characteristics of the man's body, but it has been found that a small penis enlarges more clearly than an impressive organ. more iconic.

The erect penis becomes hard and elastic, so it is guaranteed to penetrate the woman's vagina, the man is now fully ready for intercourse and the passion burns even further.

In the process of penetrating a woman's breasts, the man's body is even more involved in the intercourse. The heart rate increases, the muscle tension reaches its limit, the pressure increases.Sexand it's almost impossible to contain the passion.

The climax of sexual intercourse for a man is ejaculation, followed by orgasm. The orgasm lasts 5-10 seconds and occurs due to the contraction of the smooth muscles of the prostate while pushing semen through the urethra filled with millions of sperm.

A man during orgasm may suddenly make sounds and groans. The amount of semen depends on the condition of each person and the time of abstinence.