Causes of testicle pain after prolonged sex

When it comes to excessive sex, men face an unpleasant symptom - testicular pain. This symptom can be long-term and short-term, and also vary in intensity.

Scrotal pain in men is a natural physiological process. During sexual arousal in men, there is stimulation of nerve endings in the brain and lumbar spinal cord, which are responsible for erections. As a result of such a process, the flow of testosterone into the blood increases, leading to vasodilation. An increase in blood volume contributes to the filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis, which leads to its enlargement and increase in size.

In men, if abstinence is prolonged, the small pelvic blood vessels become denser, their elasticity decreases, along with a large amount of cavernous blood inflow during excitement and pressure on the testicular membrane, leading topain syndrome. , as a rule, will pass after a few hours after intercourse with ejaculation.

pain in the ball after stimulation

The main cause of pain

The reason can be both physiological and pathological:

  • overexploitation;
  • when not having sex for a long time;
  • infectious diseases;
  • tumor growth;
  • pathology of the genital organs;
  • injury;
  • circulatory disorders;
  • Hypothermia;
  • inguinal hernia;
  • varicocele;
  • epididymal cyst;
  • anatomical disorders;
  • spermatic cord torsion;
  • diseases related to the nervous plexuses.

Unsatisfied excitement can cause the testicles to swell due to the accumulation of blood. Not ejaculating for a long time can cause pulling pain but is not a threat to health.

Pain can be caused by:

  • interrupted intercourse;
  • diseases related to the digestive system;
  • neurological disorder.

Underwear can be uncomfortable. It is not recommended to wear genital compression models. It is better to refuse underwear made of synthetic materials. Do not wear tight jeans or trousers.

Psychological stress

Symptoms of overexertion also include a condition observed with severe psychological stress. A man is disturbed by disordered thoughts that prevent him from leading a normal life.

Nervous stress negatively affects his mood and general health. All of these factors increase the likelihood of developing stress or depression, which affects all parts of the body. The psychological stress in this case is a consequence of the urgent need to unload an extra burden. But for some reason, a man is deprived of this opportunity.

Irritation in men: symptoms

Depending on the nature of the pain and their location (left or right testicle), a competent urologist can make a preliminary diagnosis and understand what could be causing the problem.

After intimacy, a man can experience different types of pain, from dull and aching, to acute and systemic, which may increase after sex or during normal exercise. often. Therefore, pain in the scrotum may be a manifestation of strong compression on nerve endings, manifested by tissue edema.

In this case, the main reason for the formation of deviations can be a venereal disease, adnexitis, or some urogenital diseases. When a man is ready for sex, a number of physiological processes begin to develop in it.

But sometimes, it can happen that the body is already over-stimulated and excited without having started having sex. This can happen because of caresses, prolonged foreplay, or the woman's unwillingness to make love at this particular time.

Excessive stress is not the norm, as often the condition is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the lower abdomen and scrotum;
  • Discomfort in the penis itself;
  • Sometimes being over agitated can be accompanied by mild nausea and a sharp pain in the back of the head.

If this is only the beginning of a pathological phenomenon, symptoms may not be present. Usually, the signs of excessive excitement make themselves feel after a certain amount of time (for every man, this moment comes in different ways). But if you do not pay attention to such a state, then future ejaculation may simply disappear. Therefore, it is better not to do such "experiments" but to seek help from a urologist.

When should you see a doctor?

If testicular pain persists, experts recommend contacting Androlong or a urologist. These are doctors who treat various diseases of the genital organs. You should consult a doctor immediately if you have the following symptoms:

  1. long enough and growing pain in the scrotum;
  2. pain to the touch;
  3. sharp pain in the testicles;
  4. various changes in the form of the genitals;
  5. changes in the shape and size of the testicles;
  6. pain causing nausea and fever.

What to do if you get too excited?

After a long period of excessive agitation, intercourse brings a feeling of relief - the pain in the groin area disappears within 3-4 hours. If this does not happen, the man should seek the advice of a specialist. The fight against overexploitation begins with diagnosing the cause of a delicate problem.

If rapid ejaculation is the result of a man's abstinence for too long, then natural intercourse or masturbation will help. When it comes to emotional issues, it's important to talk to a sexologist and psychologist, who will teach you how to move on from everyday problems and take control of your body and emotions.

To look for medical problems, the urologist-gynecologist conducts a conversation with a man and finds out what symptoms are associated with overactivity. He then palpates the scrotum and pelvic organs, examining the penis. To get a detailed picture, an ultrasound examination of a man's genitals will be ordered. If inflammatory diseases are suspected, a general and bacteriological analysis of the urine and blood is required, which will help identify the causative agent and resistance to antibiotic therapy.

If needed, a man may also be referred for additional diagnosis:

  • Urinalysis;
  • Blood tests to study the levels of these hormones.
testicular pain in a man due to overstimulation


Arousal in men during sexual intercourse or prolonged abstinence causes genital dysfunction. This can damage the egg and reduce the pleasure of intimacy. To avoid such consequences, during foreplay, a woman does not need to stimulate her partner intensely, is not ready for intercourse, and a man does not need to hesitate to use masturbation as a way to escape. from the discomfort of not having it. act.