The use of folk remedies to increase strength in men

Problems on the love front, decreased libido and sexual ability are troubling more and more men of all ages. Faced with such troubles, representatives of the stronger sex try to cope with them on their own without the intervention of a doctor. Many people use widely publicized, harmless, and very expensive stimulants. Folk remedies for increasing potency in men are no less effective, practically do not harm health and do not require special costs.

Ginseng root for potency

Relatively recently, it was believed that for problems in a close relationship to arise, a person must live at least fifty years. Indeed, older men complain of a decrease in libido and sex drive. Now, many things have changed, and such troubles are all too familiar to young people. Medical statistics are disappointing: erectile dysfunction and low sex drive were detected in every third person.

The appearance of such serious problems for any man is easily explained. A modern person, especially an urban dweller, is exposed to elements on a daily basis, each of which has a negative effect on the reproductive system. Violations include:

  • Fatigue and constant stress.
  • Improper and irregular nutrition - use of inferior products, semi-finished products, fast food.
  • Overweight is directly related to the anterior segment, the lack of physical activity should be added.
  • Frequent lying and other addictions.
  • Increased infectious and inflammatory pathologies of the genital organs, including sexually transmitted diseases.

Usually, problems with male potency that have arisen are not considered a good reason to contact a therapist. Instead, a person tries to deal with the problem on his own and tries all sorts of ways to solve the problem, being counseled by "experienced" friends and widely advertised. In the best case, it does not bring success, and in the worst case, it causes disturbances in the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, and other disorders. To restore potency, you need to visit a urologist or a gynecologist, find out what caused it to weaken, and undergo a course of treatment prescribed by a specialist.

see a doctor to increase potency

In this case, not just medication or physical therapy. Your doctor will tell you how to increase potency in men with folk remedies, what drugs are appropriate in this case and what not to use. You should see a doctor as soon as possible, because with minor manifestations of erectile dysfunction, the situation is often overcome with the help of drugs prepared according to the "aunt's" recipe.

Mandatory conditions for potency increase

vegetables to increase potency

If you want to increase male strength, drug treatment and the use of decoctions are not enough. In order for treatment to be as effective as it should be, it is important to first review your usual lifestyle.

To increase potency you need:

  • Change your diet - you should eat more vegetables, fruits and herbs, lean meats and lactic acid products. Also, do not forget about aphrodisiacs and necessary products to improve the condition of the reproductive system: sea fish, squid, shrimp, parsley, celery.
  • If possible, avoid stressful situations, and try to stay calm and in a good mood.
  • Monitor your weight.
  • Walk sports, walk more in the fresh air.
  • Drink alcohol less often and in very limited amounts, and it is advisable to quit smoking altogether.
  • Establish a daily routine.

Sexual ability directly depends on the level of male sex hormone - testosterone. To increase production, it is necessary to enter the body of animal fats. So, a man's daily diet should include lean beef, liver, chicken, turkey and rabbit.

Healing Herbs

nettle to increase potency

Traditional medicine to increase potency offers many remedies based on herbal extracts. Their action is aimed at increasing blood flow, which leads to the removal of blockages, more blood flow to the penis, and increased erections.

The undisputed leader in restoring potency is nettle. An infusion is prepared from it, which is used in combination with other plants:

  • One tablespoon of dried herbs is poured into a cup of boiling water and steeped for fifteen to twenty minutes. The finished product is divided into three portions and taken before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Caution should be exercised in men with hypercoagulability.
  • Mix five tablespoons of nettle, clover, St. John's wort and mint, add a quart of boiling water and steep for an hour. Do it three times a day.

The effect is increased by drinking an equal teaspoon of a mixture of nettle seeds, honey and red wine before meals.

The second place in the list of folk remedies is ginseng root, which has long been famous in Eastern countries for its erection-stimulating properties. In the old days, only the nobility and wealth could use this plant, but today its tincture can be found in any pharmacy or prepared by you:

  • Peel the root on a fine mill.
  • Mix half a teaspoon of ingredients with three hundred and fifty grams of liquid honey.
  • Insist for a week and a half.

Take one teaspoon, three times a day, for one to two months. After completing the course, there will be a significant increase in libido, elimination of erectile dysfunction, increased sensation and brightness of orgasm.

Folk remedies to increase potency in men are usually prepared using St. John. These herbs contain a large amount of zinc necessary for the production of testosterone, increasing sperm vitality.

cactus root to increase potency

To increase male strength, it is recommended to use the root of the fenugreek. To be effective, the plant doesn't need any treatment - the roots can be peeled and chewed like gum (up to three small seeds per day). A tincture is also being prepared, in which one part of heather root is mixed with five parts of alcohol and infused for two weeks. Within a month, you should take twenty to thirty drops of the drug three times a day.

The use of products based on natural ingredients requires regular use over a long period of time. Increasing potency with folk remedies for 3 days is unlikely, since a positive effect appears only after a few weeks of treatment.

Delicious recipes

  • Honey - to get a medicine, three hundred grams of honey are mixed with a pound of walnuts and one hundred milliliters of aloe juice. The remedy is taken forty grams before meals. You can mix two parts honey with one part aloe juice and three parts red wine, steep for two weeks and drink before meals.
  • A mixture of walnuts, raisins, figs and prunes in equal amounts - in the evening you should eat two tablespoons of this delicacy and wash it off with yogurt.
  • White wine - used to prepare the love potion that works immediately after use. One glass of orange juice and half a glass of lemon juice, two tablespoons of honey, one tablespoon of wine, mint, cinnamon and cloves are added to a liter of wine. The mixture is heated (but not boiled), left in the refrigerator for three days, filtered and drunk before close.