What affects potency: answers to frequently asked questions

The intimate life is an important component of every man's fulfilling life. So they all take care of potency and sexual function, and in case of any disorder and disorder, they are looking for the reason for this.

In this article you can find out what affects potency in a negative or positive way, to prevent sexual dysfunction in advance.

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What does the term "potential" in a man mean?

Before considering the issues of what affects male potency, it is necessary to consider in detail the term "potential". In general, potency is a person's ability to perform any action. In a matter of intimacy, potency is an indicator of how well a man is able to have sex with someone of the opposite sex.

Validity includes several indicators:

  • libido, i. e. sexual attraction to women;
  • erection, namely the ability of a man to be aroused, an increase in the size and strength of the penis;
  • the ability to have intercourse enough time;
  • a man's ability to satisfy his partner.

For reference!Potency is an umbrella term for all sexual functions and health in a man. If any function of the reproductive system is affected, potency will decrease accordingly. This relationship also works in the opposite direction, that is, with a decrease in sexual potency, the listed abilities of a man will be affected.

Erection ability

An erection is a process that is directly dependent on the state of fitness, which is manifested in the sexual arousal of the man and the increase in the size of the penis, its erection. Only in this position can this organ be able to carry out frictional activities, ejaculate to reproduce. In a word, erection is a physiological process, and potency is a general condition.

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There are three types of erection:

  1. Erectile reflex - occurs if there is an impact and stimulation of the penis, this action sends an impulse to the spinal cord, causing an erection.
  2. Psychogenic erection - on the background of mental images, imagination, visual, auditory stimuli, a man can achieve an erection and become aroused.
  3. Spontaneous erection - it occurs in the morning, as well as at night without preconditions and stimulation, is considered a feature of the male body.

The terms "erect" and "potency" are closely related, since if erectile dysfunction is observed, the degree of potency decreases. With complete erectile dysfunction, the doctor diagnosed impotence. Accordingly, what negatively affects potency will affect erection quality in a similar way.


Another concept that is closely associated with potency and is considered a component of it is sexual desire. The term sexual desire should be understood as a special state of man's unconscious, caused by sexual attraction to the opposite sex. Sexual desire is a separate process, but sweating is not possible without it.

The difference between the two concepts is that sexual desire is the initial condition for intercourse, which implies the body's desire and readiness (instinct) for this, and potency is the ability to have intercourse afterwards. . If libido is low, a man will not be able to achieve an erection, and without it he will not be able to.

Time of intercourse

Another indicator of a man's ability to be healthy is the length of a man's sex. This complex system of all sexual functions (potency) directly affects how long a man tolerates friction until ejaculation begins. With a negative effect on potency, there can be two problems - inability to reach orgasm in time and premature ejaculation (short duration of intercourse).

The medical certificate states that the normal time of sexual intercourse from rubbing to orgasm is 3-5 minutes. If a man cannot stand for even a minute, they talk about problems with potency. It can also be said that if the time of intercourse lasts more than 20-40 minutes, there may be deviations that prevent timely ejaculation.

The ability to satisfy a woman

Only with healthy health conditions can a man not only capable of intercourse, but also of high-quality sex can satisfy his partner. Several indicators are responsible for its satisfaction:

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  • strong and stable erection;
  • sufficient sexual stimulation;
  • a man's endurance;
  • normal intercourse time.

Accordingly, if negative factors systematically affect potency, over time a man will not be able to fully satisfy his partner.

Factors that negatively affect potency

The benefits and harms of each factor that adversely affect male potency should be known to promptly prevent sexual dysfunction. It is especially important to know the negative factors in order to protect yourself from their influence. The medical certificate describes the following prerequisites for impotence:

  • Diseases of the genitourinary system -Any acute or chronic disease of the prostate gland, diseases of the testes and urethra, as well as sexually transmitted infections, inhibits the ability and all sexual functions of a woman. man.
  • Endocrine pathology -The hormone testosterone is responsible for sexual performance and potency, and any hormonal disorder, pathology of the pituitary gland and hypothalamus inhibits testosterone production. Diabetes mellitus is also an endocrine disease, so the question of whether sugar affects potency or not can be answered unambiguously.
  • Excess weight -the appearance of fat deposits negatively affects the effect, especially if we consider the abdominal area. High lipid levels suppress testosterone production by increasing the female hormone estrogen. In addition, weight negatively affects the state of blood vessels, disrupts blood circulation, and this leads to impaired erection quality.
  • weight loss, excess weight and its effect on potency
  • Low mobility or excessive physical activity -the development of diseases of the reproductive system is promoted by frequent sitting and low exercise. And excessive exercise will absorb most of the testosterone in the body, affecting sexual health.
  • Taking drugs of certain groups -Medicine has established the negative effect of sedatives (antidepressants, tranquilizers), glucocorticoids and other hormonal agents, beta-blockers, diuretics, sedatives and psychotropic drugs. Especially, if a man does not adhere to the dosage and treatment regimen, he will intentionally take such heavy drugs.
  • Anabolic steroid use by athletes -Many bodybuilders supplement this formula to build muscle fast and strong. Despite the fact that steroids are the source of testosterone, once the supplement is stopped, the body, out of habit, stops producing the necessary amount of the natural hormone. Many low-quality supplements contain soy, a testosterone-blocking phytoestrogen.
  • Psychological disorders -Any stress, conflict situations, unfavorable climate in relations with a partner, complications, lack of confidence, depression, nervous tension, insomnia and chronic fatigue can negatively affectto effect.
  • Acoholic drink -Alcohol destroys the structure and function of the liver, and there is a direct link between the liver and the reproductive system. Liver dysfunction reduces the body's production of testosterone. In addition, alcohol disrupts the work of the heart and vascular system, and after all, an erection is directly dependent on blood circulation and the state of the pulse (the effect of energy drinks is also taken into account). . Alcohol reduces the conduction of nerve and impulse receptors, affecting the spinal center.
  • Smoke -The effects of nicotine are mainly related to the state of the cardiovascular system, as tar and nicotine cause excessive vasoconstriction, impaired blood flow, which means erection problems. E-cigarettes are also harmful, although to a lesser extent. Menthol has a similar effect, menthol cigarettes are also banned.
  • Medicine -Many people are aware of the effects of marijuana and heavier drugs, which mainly affect the spinal cord. The most common consequences are weak and unstable erections, premature ejaculation, liver disease (usually hepatitis C), and low testosterone levels.
  • Masturbation -If you are constantly self-satisfied, it can cause reproductive system disorders.

Factors that can enhance potency

You can increase potency with the help of a number of drugs, physical therapy, unconventional and alternative methods. What is useful for potency:

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  1. Dish- a man needs to know which foods increase sexual potency in order to build his diet properly. This is any product that contains carotene (vitamin A) and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). These are any sour fruits and vegetables, onions and garlic, herbs, carrots, cabbage, rose hips, green salads. In addition, the genitals also need zinc, which is abundant in seafood. Protein is involved in the production of testosterone, this is chicken, dairy products, eggs, lean meat. Vitamin E is necessary for the reproductive system; vegetable oils and nuts, dark chocolate is rich in them.
  2. Physical activity- The load should be reasonable, jogging, walking, morning exercise, gymnastics, yoga are all beneficial. Prolonged sitting should be diluted with warm-up exercises.
  3. Daily mode- In addition to a productive working day, a man needs to get enough rest. It is recommended to sleep for 8 hours or more, because this is when testosterone is produced.
  4. Hot and cold shower- Mix with cold water to improve blood circulation, increase immune strength.
  5. Psychological and emotional balance- Calmness, poise, resistance to stress, avoidance of stress and conflict also protects sexual functions from disorders.


There are many drugs that directly or indirectly affect a man's sexual function. And if some help strengthen erections, increase libido, increase fertility, others reduce potency due to their side effects.

Reduced potency

Many powerful drugs can affect sexual functions, as libido and erection are directly dependent on hormonal, cardiovascular, nervous and other body systems. The list of drugs that reduce potency includes:

  1. Bromine drugs, such as tranquilizers and tranquilizers. This ingredient initially enhances inhibition in the brain to accurately correlate excitation and inhibition. An excess of bromine leads to a decline in the function of the central nervous system, slowing down and weakening the process of sexual arousal.
  2. Antihypertensive drugs. For example, their effects have been proven not only on pressure, but also on erection quality. Their action is aimed at slowing down the blood flow, which in case of overdose and overdose affects the ability to get an erection.
  3. Hormonal drugs such as anabolic steroids and bodybuilders steroids such as creatine. To the question of whether protein affects potency, the answer may be different. If athletes are supplemented with steroids, only in a negative direction, but if it is a natural protein, in a positive direction.
  4. Antidepressants, not only reduce the response to pathogens and negative factors, but also reduce libido.

Increase potency

It is also possible to increase the potency with drugs, which only need to be prescribed by the doctor after examining the patient. Potential stimulants include the following fund groups:

  • hormonal - with a pronounced testosterone deficiency, accompanied by sexual dysfunction, drugs containing testosterone are used;
  • adrenergic blockers - eliminate problems in the functioning of the cardiovascular system, improve blood flow;
  • antispasmodic - eliminates spasms that interfere with the normal functioning of the entire body and genitals;
  • PDE-5 inhibitors - they stimulate the release of nitric oxide, which relaxes the tissues of the penis to increase blood circulation in the organ;
  • herbal stimulants - stabilizes erectile function by beneficially affecting the whole body in a complex way;
  • Dietary supplements and vitamin supplements - replenish the body's reserve of necessary resources, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the reproductive system.

Food affects potency

A person is what he eats. Accordingly, a lot depends on food and involves the work of the reproductive system. Medicine has long identified a list of products that increase potency and those that can decrease potency.

Positive effect

A large amount of vitamins, trace and macro elements, minerals and other substances are responsible for libido, erection and potency. But in it are mainly vitamins of group B, A, E, C, zinc, magnesium, selenium, iron, etc. v.

food products and their effect on potency

Accordingly, to increase sexual performance, a man needs:

  • vegetable oils and nuts- source of vitamin E, cleans blood vessels, improves sperm quality;
  • seafood- source of vitamins, zinc and protein necessary for the normal production of testosterone;
  • egg- a source of proteins, fatty acids and vitamins, building materials for the synthesis of hormones;
  • lean- foods containing protein necessary for muscle growth and normal hormone levels;
  • onion- bitterness and spice in the composition accelerates blood flow, increases testosterone production, prevents prostate diseases;
  • honey- Has a complex effect on the entire body, increasing immunity, saturating the body with useful sources;
  • grape- red berries help increase sperm production and fertility;
  • chocolate- the only positive answer to the question of whether sweets affect potency in a good way, since chocolate promotes the production of serotonin (the hormone of joy);
  • Pomegranate Jade- cleans the blood, strengthens immunity, improves the functioning of the whole organism;
  • celery- a source of vitamin C, which strengthens blood vessels, eliminates toxins, prevents prostatitis;
  • cabbage- fiber stimulates the production of additional testosterone;
  • Strawberry- a source of zinc, necessary for the production of hormones.

Harmful products

There are also many products that have an adverse effect on potency. For example, the effect of mint in combination with green tea is well known, and if taken continuously you can reduce the effect.

This also includes:

  • Street- you can understand whether sweets affect performance if you know that sugar raises insulin and it lowers testosterone levels in the body;
  • Salt- in excess, it increases blood pressure, removes fluid, loads the heart muscle, reduces testosterone synthesis;
  • coffee, strong tea, cocoa, chocolate, mate- Caffeine in excessive ingredients will dilate blood vessels, making blood to the testicles less, reducing testosterone levels;
  • Soft drink- such drinks contain a lot of sugar, preservatives and acids, have an excessive diuretic effect, disrupt the distribution of testosterone in the body;
  • alcohol- alcohol leads to the fact that testosterone is converted into female hormones;
  • Bacon- contains volatile carcinogens, which in the worst case can be toxic to testicular tissue;
  • pies and muffins- high calorie content leads to overweight, an increase in insulin, which means a decrease in potency;
  • fast food- contains trans fats, preservatives, cholesterol that contribute to rapid weight gain and decrease sex hormones.


Knowing what factors have an adverse effect on sexual function, you can prevent impotence in time. Knowing what factors enhance potency, you can quickly improve the condition of the genitourinary system at the first alarming symptoms. Knowing which foods are harmful to potency and which are helpful, you can expertly plan a diet.