What exercises for potency are most effective and how to do them

Reduced potency. Men often face this problem. The reasons for this can vary widely, from age-related changes and inappropriate lifestyles to depression and nervous tension. Bad habits won't improve the situation either.

There are many solutions to this problem, from medicines to traditional medicine recipes and specialized exercise zones. The drug works perfectly, but the results of taking the drug are short-term, while the same physical exercises eliminate potency problems in the long run. As a result, personal life is increasingly improved. There are fewer reasons for stress.

Exercises for potency

The main reason for this disease is stagnant processes in the pelvic region.

Thanks to guided physical exertion, muscles and joints begin to work actively, blood flow improves, muscles are actively saturated with oxygen.

As a result of this work, blood rushes to the genitals, as a result, an erection improves.

Exercises to increase potency

There are various complexes of physical training to normalize sexual activity.

The advantage of gymnastics over drugs is obvious. The latter give guaranteed results, but most men shy away from using them, because they fear side effects that they may not mention in the caption.

Complex gymnastics has no contraindications. Anyone can do them. Even if for health reasons any exercise is not recommended, it can be replaced with another exercise without affecting the final result.

Action of exercises for potency

The only condition that must be observed in order to achieve a positive effect is regularity. It is best to do the exercises 4 times a week, and some exercises can be done every day. Such loads are also suitable as a backup measure. If possible, you can do the complex every day.

  • The result of playing sports is increased production of testosterone, the hormone that controls the quality and ability to get an erection;
  • Due to the directed physical activity, the pelvic muscles are strengthened, which also affects the potency;
  • An increase in body tone leads to general good health;
  • Endurance increases, tension is lost;
  • Sexual function is restored over time.

Before starting male sexual enhancement exercises at home, you should consult your doctor.

Doctors recommend exercises for potency

The set of exercises should be careful and include all the muscles involved in this process

To do this, you need to carefully consider the whole complex as a whole.

  1. The large muscles must be involved. This will keep the whole body in good shape.
  2. Certain exercises should be chosen to promote testosterone production.
  3. We must not forget the coccyx, this will relieve the stagnant process in the pelvic area, improve blood circulation. As a result of such measures, blood flow to the genitals will also be improved.
  4. Due to stress, adrenaline is often produced without finding an outlet which will negatively affect sexual function. High-quality physical activity allows you to reduce adrenaline levels, reduce negative stress.
  5. The core of gymnastics for increasing strength in men are exercises that work the small muscles of the small pelvis. It is they who are mainly responsible for the quality of the work of the reproductive system.

Fitness at home

Exercises to increase potency in men can be performed not only by those who have obvious problems in bed, but also by those who have not yet had such problems.

Exercise number 1

Walk on all fours with a straight back. As you exhale, slowly lower your buttocks to your feet, remembering to touch the heels of your shoes. Do not knock your hand on the elbow, the palm of the hand is fixed. Then, slowly rise, straighten your back well, do not bend over. There is no rush, it is important to stretch well and feel all the muscles. Do it 15 times.

This simple exercise to improve strength in men should not be underestimated, it will help stretch the spine, remove existing clamps and compression. Relieve lumbar tension, massage prostate perfectly.

Exercise number 2

Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, hands at back level. Preferably clothing that won't impede movement. Ideally, go topless or wear something loose. Push the pelvis forward, and then push back as well. The lower back and legs are clearly fixed and in place, only the pelvis works. Do for 3 minutes, repeat 5 times.

Exercise number 3

This exercise is good because it can be done at least every day, it does not require special conditions. If you want, you can do it at home, at work, and even on public transport. Sit on a stool (sofa, armchair, armchair), making sure your knees are bent at right angles. The two fists should fit snugly between the knees. Hands relaxed, lying on the knees, back straight, not tense. Eyes are directed forward. Tighten your glutes, stay in this position for a few minutes, and relax. Must pause for at least 25 seconds. Repeat 10 times for 6 approaches.

This exercise is intended to strengthen the muscles of the small pelvis, has a positive effect on the entire genitourinary system.

Exercise number 4

Lie on your back, bend your legs, and place your feet near your buttocks. Hands along the body. As you exhale, push your pelvis as high as possible, keeping your shoulders and feet flat on the floor. The latter is pressed firmly to the floor. The lower back should not "hang out", it should be fixed, the entire load should be on the hips and abdomen. Repeat 10-15 times.

After a few days, strength training for men can be complicated by lifting the pelvis not straight up but swaying from side to side, or using weights, such as weights, placed on the groin. .

Pushing the pelvis stimulates blood circulation in the lower abdomen, improving blood flow.

Exercise number 5

Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Squat slowly, bringing your butt in, as if there's a chair you're trying to sit on. Stretch your arms forward and lean forward for balance. Knees should not be bent less than 90 degrees, when squatting should not be excessively protruding of the socks. Exhale when squatting, when inhaling - return to the original position. Do it 10 times.

In this exercise, the load is placed on the posterior muscle of the thigh. If the front muscles start to hurt during the exercise, you are not working correctly. You can not do a deep squat, this is an unnecessary load on the knee joint. You can increase the load by adding ice inside while lifting.

This exercise to improve potency helps to establish blood circulation in the pelvic area, improves the condition of the joints. Also, this squat is great for tightening the glutes and thighs.

Exercise number 6

Sit on the floor, 90 degrees below your knees. Inhaling, bring the right shoulder suddenly diagonally forward and upward, while straightening the leg of the same name. With an exhalation, slowly return to the position. Repeat to the left. Alternate 10 times on each side.

Exercise number 7

Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees, hands placed along the body. On an exhale, forcefully with an effort to extend the knees to the sides, as if springs were pressing on the knees from the sides. You can create this resistance with your hands. You don't have to try to pull your knees all the way to the floor. It is important to monitor your breathing. It must be strong and regular. If you breathe improperly, there will be no effect from the load, so there will be no oxygen saturation, and blood circulation will be insufficient.

This exercise aims to increase the force to help open the hip joint, while working the glutes, inner thighs and pelvic floor muscles. Do it 15 times.

Exercise number 8

Sit on the floor, for convenience, you can lean your hands, put them behind your back. Elevate the foot and rub it on, rub it on the bottom, then change it. Range of motion should be maximum. Do at least 30 of the 5 approaches.

As a result of this home strengthening exercise, the inner thigh muscles are strengthened, blood flow to the muscles of the small pelvis is increased. Erection is restored.

Exercise number 9

This exercise is called one of the best aids in restoring erectile function and general genitalia. You need to sit on the floor and start walking, alternately bringing your legs forward, without bending your knees, trying not to let your feet off the floor, arms at elbows and active. You need to "walk" for 30 seconds, the back should be flat. Motion - active, with maximum forward motion. Otherwise, proper muscle tension will not occur. Take approach 5-6 with short breaks.

Exercise number 10

This exercise requires great concentration. Lie on your back, place your right hand under your head and your left hand on your genitals. It is important to keep your palms warm by rubbing them until they are warm. Squeeze the muscles of the legs and buttocks, while slightly squeezing and pulling the genitals down. Do at least 20 reps of 5 reps.

This simple home fertility exercise increases blood flow to the genitals, improving oxygen and blood supply.

Chinese exercises

Qigong is a special sports complex developed in China. There are several different Chinese complexes that can be used to cure different ailments. There is qigong, the purpose is to restore an erection. These exercises improve the tone of the pelvic floor muscles, which improves blood flow.

Chinese physical exercises to increase potency have come to us since ancient China, the Taoist monks developed this system. In fact, this gymnastics allows not only to effectively solve the problems of male genital rehabilitation, but also to treat other diseases of the small pelvis.

Regular training according to the Chinese method allows you to regain masculine strength. This complex is also recommended for men who want to have children. So, not long ago in China, all young men who were about to get married had to practice qigong.

Qigong for sexual rehabilitation allows you to saturate the pelvic muscles with oxygen, which helps to normalize the reproductive function of the body.

The male hormonal background is stabilized, the work of the entire genitourinary system is generally normalized, and the quality of sperm is improved.


To perform this complex move, you will need a mat, a specialized type for yoga is best suited.

qigong exercise for effect

Exercise number 1

Lie on your stomach, legs straight, arms stretched along the body, palms facing down. Keeping your palms on the floor, while inhaling, slowly raise your upper body as high as you can, back arched. The lower body does not work. After reaching the maximum point, tilt your head back and stay in this position for a while. Then, exhaling gently, come down. Do the lift at least 10 times.

When doing this exercise at home, you don't need to tear your thighs off the floor, your body flexes at the waist, and don't make sudden movements. It is important to monitor the breathing rate and performance rate, it is measured and consistent from start to finish.

Exercise number 2

Position - lying on your back, arms along your body, left leg bent. Exhale slowly, while simultaneously lifting your torso with your arms straight out in front of you and straightening your right leg. You will get a wrinkle. The entire load falls on the left foot. The rise should be smooth, not sudden.

When the right knee is level with the left, hold in this position for a few seconds and smoothly return to the starting point. At the same time exhale slowly. Then switch legs and repeat. Remember that you should never bend your knees. Repeat at least 10 times.

In addition to actively supplying oxygen to the pelvic muscles, in this exercise, to increase strength in men, training the lower presses also contributes to the accomplishment of the overall goal.

Exercise number 3

Lie on the floor, hands along the body, legs in a crossed state - directly above the head. Breathe deeply to absorb the air, while slowly pushing your body up. Only the left heel and the back of the head should touch the floor, everything else, including the hands, should be parallel to the floor. Hold this position for 2-3 seconds. Slowly exhale the air, lowering yourself to the floor. There is no case of doing it all of a sudden and not crashing. Switch legs and do it all again, but the heel should be the support. Do it at least 10 times.

This body lift not only tones the pelvic and hip muscles, but also the entire body. The main thing while performing is to monitor your breathing, it should not be sharp with long pauses.

Exercise number 4

Lie on your back on the floor. Legs straight, arms along the body. Slowly raise both legs until the socks touch the floor behind your head. At the same time, use your hands to support your body, leaving only your shoulder blades on the floor. Return to original position. No falling back, no jerking up and down. Repeat the exercise to restore potency at least 10 times.

Exercise number 5

This exercise requires a certain amount of flexibility, but if you have spinal problems, osteonecrosis or peptic ulcers, this exercise should not be performed at all. If your natural flexibility doesn't allow you to touch your feet with your hands on your own, you can use a strap, rope, or strap.

Lie face down. Hands along the body, bend their legs at the knees, grab their ankles with your hands. The rack must lie on your stomach, with your back bent, making sure you don't fall on your side, keeping your balance. Deep breath.

While exhaling, pull your legs as close to your head as possible, arch your back as much as possible. Now relax, and inhale again. Repeat this exercise to increase the potency 10 times.

Exercise number 6

Walk on all fours, keeping your head down so you can see your feet. Inhale slowly, pulling the knee of your left leg toward your face. At the same time, the rear remains motionless. Lock for a few seconds and return to the original position. Pull the right knee toward the face, also fixing the position, back to the starting point. Do at least 10 reps for each leg

Exercise number 7

Lie face down on the floor. Extend your arms diagonally and spread your legs wide. Your body will be like the intersection of two lines. One line is left leg, right arm, second line is right leg, left arm. On a deep breath, raise your arms, head, and legs and stay in this position for a few seconds. Concentrate all your energy on your stomach. Exhale slowly and lower your body back to the starting point. Repeat at least 10 times.

If you do this set of male enhancement exercises at least four times a week, in a month there will be noticeable positive effects. Male strength and reproductive system function will return. The main condition is to monitor the quality of the operation. If you can't complete the set number of times on the first day, you need to strive to do more next time. Until the desired result is achieved.

It is important to monitor your breathing during exercise, otherwise the muscles during exercise will not receive the required oxygen saturation and the long-awaited self-healing process will not occur. .

How to improve the potency of Kegel

Kegel exercises can not only restore sexual function, but also help get rid of the prostate gland and hemorrhoids. This exercise also has a positive effect on the ability to get an erection. The huge advantage of this gymnastics is that it can be done not only at home, but also at work and even on public transport and while driving. It doesn't require any special timing, it can be done virtually on the go.

The essence of gymnastics is to train a single muscle - the PC. To figure it out, you need to break the line during urination, at which point the PC muscle is tense. The exercise is very simple, tighten and relax the PC muscle. When tightening, hold the muscle for as long as possible, no less than 5-10 seconds, then relax for the same amount of time.

Although it all seems simple, you need to start training a few times. So for the first time, five is enough. Gradually, from day to day, the number of times can be increased. This exercise can be easily combined with any other compound exercise to improve strength in men.

Within three weeks, this erectile function improvement exercise will bring noticeable results.