What does men's strength depend on?

What is the potential in men

The male body is influenced by many factors. All of them to some extent affect the state of erection.

Effectiveness depends on which question is a question of interest to many men.

Internal cause classification

All elements can be divided into several groups:

  • psychology;
  • physiological;
  • constitutional.


Emotional state has a strong influence on a man's erection state. In some cases, the effect is more pronounced with respect to age, the level of testosterone in the blood and the state of the vessels of the genital organs.

This means: even a young man with normal physical parameters can develop erectile dysfunction, which develops on the basis of psychological factors.

The main psychological reasons influencing effect are:

  1. Stress at work.Collective troubles, dissatisfaction with one's own work often lead to a decrease in sex drive in the first place. A man returning home from an unloved job has no desire for intimacy. Solution to the problem: take control of the situation, resolve conflict situations or find a new workplace. If the options listed don't match, then you can try having a hobby that a man will recognize for himself. In severe cases, the sedative can help calm the nervous system.
  2. Domestic misunderstandingis ​​the second problem. Harmony and respect in family relationships is based on trust between partners. If a man hides his problems from his partner, then the situation will worsen. Solution in a conversation will help you understand.
  3. influence of psychological reasons on validity
  4. The monotony of intimate lifein an intimate partner often leads to a decrease in libido and erectile function. You can diversify sex with a shared trip to an unusual place, new location, role-playing game, you just need to turn on your imagination.
  5. Prolonged lack of sex in men leads to psychological problems, including thinking failure. If the problem does not resolve on its own, you should contact a specialist - a sex therapist for help, as psychological erectile dysfunction can develop.
  6. Effect in men depends on women. A beautiful, well-groomed woman with a pleasant appearance and a welcoming attitude will be much more interesting than someone who is not just attentive, constantly involved in scandals.
  7. Depressionis ​​a seriousness of psychological problems. A man loses interest in life and the world around him, suicidal thoughts appear, fatigue increases and decreases performance, insomnia, loss of appetite and weight loss torture him. With this, the erection disappears. This condition is treated by a specialist using special pharmacological preparations.

Some psychotherapists believe the potency is affected by the number of sexual partners.

The more short-term relationships a man has, the worse the likelihood of an erection.

Psychological problems start to emerge in middle age, when sex "becomes boring" and loses interest.

The Constitution

There are a number of bodily characteristics that affect male capacity.

  1. Overweight. Obesity is characterized by the presence of excess fat tissue in the body. In addition to stimulating many diseases of internal organs, obesity also increases female hormones in the blood. In the cells of adipose tissue, aromatic processes of androgen hormones take place. The female hormones build up and cause an even greater obesity, but with the accumulation of deposits on the face and thighs. In the mammary gland begins to proliferate glandular tissues, forming gynecomastia. The voice can become higher. The libido decreases, and the erection becomes less toned.
  2. Men's strength depends on something
  3. Age. Testosterone production peaks at the age of 18-30. Young men up to 18 years old are in puberty with the characteristics of genital development and secondary genital features. From adulthood until age 30, testosterone levels in the blood of healthy men are at their highest. From the age of 30, the function of the testicles gradually, very slowly, begins to fade away. After 50 years, the androgen hormone becomes more than half as much as 25 years. A man's strength is directly dependent on testosterone. Hormones stimulate the normal growth, development and functioning of the genitals, normalize spermatogenesis, are responsible for body hair growth, voice tone and muscle growthcorn, at the same time also increases libido. In old age, erection problems begin precisely due to a decrease in androgen hormones.
  4. Genetic disposition.A potential state to be inherited, like the size of the penis. If the father and grandpa have excellent old-age talents, the son and grandson are more likely to be alike.
  5. Hypogonadismis ​​a condition in which there is not enough testosterone in the blood. There are many reasons. These are birth defects of the structure of the testicles, damage from poisoning, infection, radiation. Pituitary insufficiency is also isolated when there is a problem with the synthesis of the gonadotropic hormones of the pituitary gland.

The constitutional factor is the most difficult to adjust. A right lifestyle, using energy stimulating products, losing weight can help restore erectile function.

For hereditary and testicular diseases, testosterone replacement therapy.


Physiological reasons for the decrease in potency

The group of factors that have the greatest influence on the effect.

  1. Bad habit. Smoking is most harmful to potency. Smoking one cigarette produces enough nicotine to constrict the vessels throughout the body for fifteen minutes. Pain, including the vessels that feed the pelvic organs. Smoking more than five cigarettes a day resulted in a fifty percent decrease in potency compared to normal. Drinking alcohol in moderation has a beneficial effect on an erection, as it dilates the vessels, making it easier to refill blood into the penis. If a man is addicted to alcohol, this negatively affects the erection, and mainly on libido. Against the backdrop of alcohol cravings, the attractiveness towards women disappears.
  2. Sports activitiesaffect effectiveness in different ways. Swimming, running, yoga increase and stimulate an erection. Cycling negatively affects the synthesis of testosterone due to long-term compression of the testicles. Excessive weight exercises will lead to the appearance of disc herniated masses, invading the blood vessels and nerves that reach the pelvis, which can also cause erectile dysfunction.
  3. Regular sex life. Each person has a different frequency of sexual intercourse during a certain period of time. You don't have to be violent to yourself to prove yourself a super macho to your partner. Excessive sexual activity can lead to problems with desire in the future.
  4. Intercourse rate.The scientists looked at the number of normal sexual intercourse in men aged 25 to 45 years from 1 time per week to once per day. The average number of sexual intercourse per week is three. But this indicator is individual. .
  5. Effects of nutrition on male fertility
  6. Nutritionhas a marked effect on erectile function. Consumption of products that increase masculinity will prevent future problems. Overuse of fast, greasy foods, fried foods raise cholesterol in the blood and develop into atherosclerosis in the pelvic vessels. This is the problem of faulty erection and decreased libido.
  7. Infectious diseasesof the genitals, especially the prostate gland. Prostatitis causes anal pain, fever, erectile dysfunction, and difficulty urinating. Treatment of prostatitis must be comprehensive, under the supervision of a urologist, then there is every opportunity to restore the effect.
  8. Diabetesis ​​a disease that significantly affects the potential of men. Under the influence of a large amount of glucose in the blood, a pathological change occurs in the vessels and nerves throughout the body. Men have diabetes because the genitals are not sensitive enough and the blood circulation in the penis is poor. The only treatment is medication with the participation of a specialist urologist and endocrinologist.

Environmental factors

These include:

  • Ecosystem, mainly affects the synthesis of testosterone and the level of libido.
  • Professional Features. People with sedentary jobs often experience problems. In the driver, the hot seat will participate in the process of stagnation in the prostate gland, which also negatively affects the functioning of the genitals. Programmers find it difficult to sit in one position for extended periods of time. Men taking on managerial positions may experience reduced erection abilities, participating psychological problems due to stress.

It is impossible to remember and remedy all the factors that affect erectile function. The main thing to remember is that what's good for the whole body is good for male strength.