Male sex pills

Every year, more and more men, not only mature, but also young enough to develop sexual disorders. This becomes the cause of irritability, developing depressive states, leading to dissonance in married life and young people's relationships. A successful solution to the problem depends on timely consultation with a specialist and a course of medication therapy. In the doctor's arsenal, there are many drugs for men to increase potency. Some of them have immediate effects, but have a range of side effects, while others, on the other hand, act gradually but not harm the body. Choosing a specific tool depends on the purpose of the application.

Treatment of impotence

To help members of the stronger males who are facing erectile dysfunction, the pharmaceutical industry annually produces a wide variety of drugs. At first glance, no medicine, even the safest one, can be taken without consulting a specialist. First, it may be inappropriate or ineffective, and second, it can hide alarming symptoms and lead to the progression of a serious illness.

Reason for drug search

validity issue

According to studies, the decline in potency usually occurs at the age of 45-50, due to the influence of negative factors, internal changes and age, the appearance ofconcurrent illness. But recently, sexual dysfunction has been reported in young people under thirty.

Experts say that the weakness of the effect never comes out suddenly. Usually, single fires are not considered by men to be dangerous signs. Even during the early onset of onset, characteristic conditions become noticeable, that is the reason to contact the specialist.

  1. Impaired or incapable of erection. A man cannot put his genitals in a state of tension.
  2. Premature ejaculation, even in people with a lot of sexual experience.
  3. Weakness. Failure to maintain an erection during intercourse from the start to the ejaculation.
  4. Lack of unintentional self-stimulating genitalia, which occurs at night or in the morning.
  5. A decrease or complete loss of libido, but not because it is impossible, but because of a lack of desire.

The outward signs of erectile dysfunction are:

  1. Shyness. A man avoids contact with a woman, as he predefined failure in bed.
  2. Emotional imbalance. The constant "fires" and reflections on this topic make a man become moody, irritable and gradually become aggressive.
  3. Low self-esteem. Sexual disturbances alter personality, develop anxiety and insecurity, isolation.
  4. Unhealthy lifestyle. A man having trouble with potency tries to compensate for his failure in bed by eating lots of food, smoking, and drinking alcohol.

Attention! To avoid any of the above, you should eliminate embarrassment and contact a specialist for dedicated advice and help. After a thorough diagnosis, he will prescribe the drug.


All potency drugs for men are generally divided according to the current classification. There are many types of drugs, each of which should be selected taking into account the following factors:

drugs to improve potency
  • the reason for the development of pathology and the presence of existing complications;
  • nature of the effect disturbances and their complexity;
  • age type;
  • existing concomitant diseases in acute or chronic form;
  • drug used.

Based on classification, therapists distinguish different drugs in principle of action, frequency of administration, and dosage:

  • phosphodiesterase inhibitors;
  • does NOT contain synthetic activators;
  • androgen;
  • alpha blockers;
  • prostaglandin E analogues;
  • antispasmodic drug;
  • Supplements and homeopathic remedies.

As of the speed of their action, there are two types of medicine.

  1. Selective inhibitors. These are called instant erection pills. The main components of the preparation activate the work of certain enzymes, so that muscle fibers of the genital organs are relaxed. The blood flow increases, tension appears in the penis and its size increases. The effect of the drug becomes noticeable after 30-60 minutes and lasts for several hours.
  2. Bioactive additives, homeopathic remedies. These drugs work more systematically, but work much more slowly. They activate metabolic processes, increase blood flow, normalize erectile function and strengthen the body as a whole.

Drugs in the first group have many limitations and side effects, while drugs in the second group are completely safe because they include herbal ingredients.

Reviews of popular drugs

On the modern pharmaceutical market and in any pharmacy, there is a wide selection of potency drugs. It is difficult for an ordinary patient with no education or special knowledge to find the optimal cure. Then, the effectiveness of treatment depends on the right choice.

In pharmacies without a prescription, you can buy any pill to increase potency in men. Another option is to purchase the drug on special sites in online stores.

Men's vitamins and supplements

Supplements are prescribed for patients due to circumstances where they cannot take conventional medicines. They are popular due to their lack of contraindications or side effects, while having a large list of useful actions. Disadvantages include the selectivity of the effect: if the remedy helps one person 100%, then for another it can become completely useless.

Fast acting drugs

The means to increase potency in men of immediate action are very different from drugs with natural ingredients. They have a number of advantages that make them popular with men.

  1. Presence of strong ingredients such as sildenafil.
  2. A rapid effect appears 30-60 minutes after oral administration, lasting 4 hours to a day.
  3. Does not negatively affect semen composition and quality.
  4. One-time application for quick results.
  5. Clinically proven efficacy.
  6. There are quality certificates and documents proving the safety of the drug.
  7. Affordable cost.

Contraindications, side effects, overdose

Most drugs to improve potency contain potent active ingredients of synthetic origin, which have different effects on the function of other organs.

  1. Cardiovascular system. Tablets that help achieve an immediate erection increase the load on the heart muscle and blood vessels, so they are contraindicated for those with a violation of this orientation.
  2. Alright. The list of side effects includes watery eyes, mucosal irritations, impaired color perception, and visual narrowing. After stopping the drug, these symptoms went away on their own.
  3. General condition of health. During the period of treatment of impotence, discomfort in the abdominal cavity and headache may occur.

Tip! Experts say that drugs of this group can cause serious health problems, so they are not recommended for use in women and young people under 18 years of age.

Strong drug is also contraindicated for the following conditions and diagnoses:

contraindications to taking drugs
  • for cardiovascular pathology;
  • arterial hypertension and hypotension;
  • severe liver or kidney failure;
  • blood diseases, including blood clotting disorders;
  • with dysfunction of the nervous system;
  • had a heart attack or stroke less than six months ago;
  • Crohn's disease;
  • simultaneously absorbs nitrates;
  • hypersensitivity to the drug ingredients.

You should start with the minimum dosage and no more than 1-2 times a week. Combining them with alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Results for men

Potential booster pills are a great way to tackle genital area problems. In our patient evaluation, we can conclude that selective inhibitors are favored as a "miracle" remedy with immediate effect. But doctors say that drugs of natural origin that have a complex effect on the body are more helpful for an erection and safety.


Oral administration of medications and supplements is prescribed by a doctor on an individual basis. The frequency of use and dosage depend on many factors, from age to concomitant diseases. A properly selected drug can not only restore erectile function, but also improve quality of life. This is confirmed by the fact and by many reviews of patients who have undergone therapy and got rid of the disorder.