Methods to improve potency

How to increase male strength worries many men. Competence plays an important role in every person's life. This process is essential for conception, sexual and psychological health. If the process is interrupted, then the man is experiencing a problem in one of the listed systems. Before starting to restore potency on its own, you need to find out what caused it to weaken. This can be done by a professional using a variety of tests.

Handsome man increase potency

Cause of the process

To understand what factors can affect potency, you need to understand its causes. Several systems are involved in the formation of male power:

  • Nerve system;
  • Genital;
  • The gonads;
  • Vascular system;
  • Psychological factors.

For arousal to occur, a signal is needed from the cerebral cortex to the nerve endings located on the man's penis. In this case, the hormone testosterone is released into the bloodstream. Testosterone is produced in the human prostate gland. Under the influence of hormones, there is an increase in blood circulation in the vascular system. The tubes carry blood into the cavernous bodies of the penis. Nerve impulses send signals to the roots of teeth, blood is blocked in the penis. After the arousal subsides, the blood returns to normal.

If a violation occurs in one of these systems, the man's capacity will be impaired. To determine the cause, you need to do a complete physical exam.

In some men, under the influence of psychological factors, signal transmission is impaired. With such problems, it is necessary to consult a psychologist.

What are the reasons that affect the effect?

drinking alcohol as a cause of poor potency

The strength of a man depends on many factors. Experts divide them into two main categories:

  1. External environmental factors;
  2. Internal diseases.

External factors include a man's unhealthy diet and alcohol abuse. Fried foods with a lot of fat cause irreparable harm to the health and physique of the patient. Such men are often overweight, have problems with the cardiovascular system, and their capacity is impaired.

Alcoholic beverages lead to disruption of the nervous system. Under the influence of alcohol, the signal transmission from the patient's cerebral cortex is interrupted. The impulse becomes weak, inhibited. If the patient drinks alcohol every day, the signal transmission is completely disrupted. Many alcoholics suffer from impotence.

Beer is loved by many men and should be considered separately. This drink contains a substance similar to the female sex hormone estrogen. This substance affects the state of the reproductive system. It replaces testosterone, which is responsible for secondary sexual characteristics. The patient's body shape changes, body hair falls out, sexual desire disappears. If the patient continues to abuse alcohol for a long time, the man's bravery will be lost.

Various lesions of the genital organs also adversely affect the male body. Under the influence of blows or bruises in the patient, the position of the internal organs can change, and at the same time put pressure on the adjacent tissues. Damage to the gonads is especially dangerous. The gland is necessary for a man to produce adequate semen. In the testicles of the patient are formed sex cells - sperm, in the prostate - where semen is secreted. If one of the glands is damaged, spermatogenesis is impaired. The man has problems with an erection.

A sedentary lifestyle also affects men's health. Many modern men have a profession that involves prolonged sitting. In this case, the nutrition of the pelvic organs is disrupted. If you do not take any action, problems with validity may arise.

Medical diseases include a wide variety of diseases. For male strength, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, genital infections and hormonal disorders are very dangerous.

irritable and incompetent man how to strengthen

With heart-related diseases, patients have problems with blood circulation. This is especially true for peripheral veins and capillaries. Violation of blood circulation in the vessels of the male penis leads to a decrease in potency. Sex becomes incomplete.

Neurological diseases affecting the condition of the cerebral cortex. With such pathologies, the transmission of signals to the roots of other organs is disrupted. If the disease progresses underground, the patient cannot find the cause of the decline in man's bravery.

Hormonal disturbances lead to changes in testosterone levels in the blood. This affects the decline of the prostate gland. Patient has prostatitis. The disease has an adverse effect on male strength.

In addition, experts note that the psychological state of the patient also affects the potency. If a man is exposed to strong psychological stress, is depressed, or is surrounded by stress, the likelihood is reduced.

Methods of restoring potency

In the first stage, a man needs to determine the cause of the problem. This will help you choose a method to increase male strength. Restoration is done in the following ways:

  • Medicine;
  • Hardware engineering;
  • Medical massage;
  • Conservative treatment.

The most effective medical method to increase male strength. Experts distinguish between chemical and herbal preparations for restoring potency. Chemicals include drugs that force an erection. This process goes on for a long time. In some cases, this substance can be effective for up to 12 hours. Do not arbitrarily use these substances. They have a large number of side effects and contraindications. Experts ban these drugs for the heart.

Herbal medicine includes a variety of functional foods. These medicines contain not only herbal ingredients, but also vitamins.

device to increase potency and massage the prostate

Hardware influences include magnetic heat. For the procedure, the specialist marks special places on the patient's body. Under the influence of magnetic waves, the phenomenon of destruction of pathological tissues in the body occurs, inflammation disappears. Such treatment has been associated with prostate tumors.

Modern salons offer prostate massages for men. Many patients are confused about this effect. This is a mistake.

Prostate massage helps to normalize blood circulation in the pelvic organs, restore tissue nutrition and increase male strength. After 5 sessions, a man should notice how his potency has changed. Many patients notice changes after the first procedure. Experts recommend getting a massage twice a year. This will help maintain men's health and restore potency.

You can also increase male strength with the help of a procedure like acupuncture. It is done by placing medical needles at specific points. Acupuncture helps restore the patient's psychological state, enhance sexual function, and improve the functioning of tissues in the pelvic organs.

Conservative treatment

Experts resort to conservative methods with a slight decline in male strength. This treatment includes the following techniques:

  • Dietary foods;
  • Do exercise;
  • Lifestyle change.

For male strength, nutrition must be controlled. Many foods are harmful to health. Such foods must be completely excluded from the diet. To increase male strength, you need to pay attention to foods such as oysters, mussels, legumes, herbs and cheeses.

Oysters contain in their composition a substance that is a potent natural stimulant. In the 18th century, men purposely ate certain shellfish for sexual arousal and prolongation of intercourse. Modern doctors also recommend eating oysters at least twice a week.

Legumes contain a lot of zinc. It is essential for the production of testosterone. Eating lentil porridge or white beans daily will help restore blood volume. It must be remembered that only cooked products have this property. Soaked beans and kidney beans have no effect.

Green vegetables are rich in various trace elements. For male strength, parsley leaves and spinach are very beneficial. They contain a plant hormone that replaces testosterone. A man should consume at least 50 g of these plants daily.

Experts also recommend increasing physical activity. For effect, you can perform special exercises. The load selection should be done by the trainer.

The increase in male potency is also influenced by the control of sexual activity. The person must have regular sex. This will help maintain sexual health.

If a man notices a change in potency, he should consult a specialist. Your doctor will tell you how to increase male strength and increase potency.